Girlfriend Experiences


Just you me, cuddles and hugs.

You're Home, I Missed You

So much! I missed you so much! Welcome home baby!

There's a Bear out There

It was your idea to go camping, and I am telling you I heard a bear! Wake up!

Sleepy Sunday Snuggles

Nope, not getting up, want snuggles!

Sleepy Comfort

It's okay, just let me hold you till you fall asleep

Remember Paris

It was wonderful, we fell in love and that love still stands.

Reading My Book

Shhhh, reading time!

Pink Milk Fiasco

Where is it! You stole my glass of pink milk!?

Painting Toenails

Awww, you're so sweet, thank you!

On Your Chest

Baby, please can I cuddle up on you?

Moonlight and Giggles

You promised to come outside with me, I even have hot chocolate.

Put Your Head in my Lap

Rest on me sweetie, I got you.

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