Update on all things Panthera!


Yes, a new website, new design, new blog and some new ideas and thoughts and, I hope, more engagement with you.

All blog posts will be shared via Twitter so you can always be up to date - @panthera_audio

What's coming up... some wellbeing posts on how to keep your head in the madness of the pandemic - some relaxing meditation and of course spooky stories and the expansion of the Girlfriend Experience - yes, expansion... I shall be starting 1-2 weekly ASMR style GFE's going forward - spooky stories and music mayhem will get further apart but... they will be fuller and more rounded off.

I hope you continue to enjoy things here. The Album Store is open - please please read the disclaimer - the are all FREE on YouTube and any streaming service (or on their way there) you may use - such as Spotify and Amazon Music. They are here for those of you that like to own physical copies and support the ongoing Panthera Audio madness.

That's it from me, I have more stuff to do.... be safe, be nice to one another and smile, I'm thinking about you.

Panthera xxx

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